Simplify the bankruptcy course process

Save time and avoid the unnecessary hassle related to managing bankruptcy courses. Streamline reminding clients and obtaining certificates for no additional cost to your firm, without leaving Best Case.

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Benefits of Bankruptcy Course Manager

delivery of certificate

Immediate delivery of the certificate

On completion, access the certificate directly from the Best Case client file.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking

View real-time course status and an audit log of exactly when a client was sent instructions and reminders.

Print Course Handouts

Print course handouts

Save time by giving your clients bulk instructions and get the certificate in the client file.

Course Payment Options

Course payment options

No matter if you or your client pays for the course, get access to all the great benefits.

Automated email

Automated email and text (SMS) reminders

Set notification preferences once to automatically remind all clients to take and complete the course.

auto filing of debtor certificate

Auto-filing of the debtor education certificate

Eliminate the manual effort and access receipts in the client file – No need to ever file Form 423 again.

Notifications to keep you informed

Automated firm emails alert you to expiring certificates or uncompleted courses.

Access to quality courses

Access to quality courses

EOUST-approved providers offer courses online or by phone in English or Spanish.

Get Started Today!

In a client file, select Bankruptcy Courses on the Best Case by Stretto toolbar.

Bankruptcy Course Manager makes everything so simple and seamless. It has taken a big aspect of requesting documents from clients out of the equation.

– Michael Jaafar | Fairmax Law, PLLC | Dearborn, MI

I don’t have to chase clients for the credit counseling certificate or to complete the post-filing education course anymore. More importantly, Best Case files the certificate for me.

– Michael Jaafar | Fairmax Law, PLLC | Dearborn, MI