Save hours of data entry with an online client intake form

MyCaseInfo® helps ease the initial data entry process with a secure, web-based client questionnaire for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. Easily preview, download and import the data directly into Best Case.

Benefits of MyCaseInfo

Save Time on data entry

Save time on data entry

Import client-entered data directly into a Best Case client file saving hours of data entry.

Customize the questionnaire

Customize the questionnaire

Request clients to complete specific sections of their bankruptcy case on their own time without an office visit.

Share documents through a secure portal

Share documents through a secure portal

Request clients to upload bankruptcy related documents such as the Certificate of Credit Counseling, Tax Transcripts and Paystubs to better manage and organize data.

Simplify Communications with your clients

Simplify communications with your clients

Built-in functionality allows e-mails, notes and question flags to be sent back and forth within the program.

Monitor preview client progress

Monitor and preview client progress

See what questions have been answered and which documents have been uploaded to ensure quality and completeness.

Give clients control

Give clients control of the process

Enable clients to deliver information online, saving you data-entry time while giving them ownership of the process.

Spanish Questionnaire

Access a Spanish questionnaire

Serve a broader range of clients. All questions, labels, action buttons, drop-down lists and guides are translated to Spanish for easy comprehension.

Allow clients to sign up from your website

Allow clients to sign up from your website

Save time by having prospective or current clients initiate the bankruptcy questionnaire from your website.

Sign up for MyCaseInfo

Invite as many clients as you want and only pay $8 for each downloaded client file, billed monthly. Available with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case only.

Helpful Resources

MyCaseInfo makes the client feel like they are in charge.

– Valerie Ross | Clark Stith Attorney | Rock Springs, WY

MyCaseInfo is a huge time saver! Manual input from a paper questionnaire takes entirely too long.

– Seth Adams | Woodburn and Wedge | Reno, NV

Having the client upload documents in one place, at one time eliminates the need for multiple requests from us.

– Kelly Francke | Barnett & Rubin, A Professional Corporation | Irvine, CA

MyCaseInfo allows me to enforce the importance of the client’s responsibility to the accuracy of the information.

– Diane Drain | Law Office of D.L. Drain, P.A. | Phoenix, AZ

Direct integration of data into the forms saves me hours of data entry.

– Samuel Behar | The Law Office of Samuel Behar | Seattle, WA