Save time by importing credit reports

Without leaving your software, import creditor data saving you an average of 60 minutes of data entry per case. Plus, get access to a PDF of the report to share with your clients.

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Benefits of Credit Report Manager

Save 60+ minutes of data entry

Import creditor data directly into Schedules D, E, F or G.

Increase accuracy

No more manual entry or the errors that go along with it.

More than just bureau data

Includes a current and predictive credit score and a LexisNexis 8-year bankruptcy, judgment and liens search.

Avoid missed liabilities

In one report, get merged data from 2 or 3 credit bureaus.

Reduce time and money spent re-noticing

Import bankruptcy department addresses which are continually updated by our team.


Share the report with your clients

Review an English or Spanish version of the report to give to your clients.

Get Started Today!

In a client file, click the Credit Report icon on your Best Case Bankruptcy toolbar.

Activate the Credit Report Manager

Complete the form below to request access to creditor data. Start ordering in about one business day after submission.

Helpful Resources

Being able to review and import creditors directly to the correct schedule makes a huge difference in the amount of time spent inputting data.

– Cathy Waddell | C. Waddell Law, LLC | Marietta, GA

The Credit Report Manager saves a huge amount of time entering creditors. Clients are impressed you can obtain information on debts that they forgot.

– Patrick Balkin | Jackson & Balkin | Lockport, NY

I can automatically download creditors into the schedules, saving time.

– Tameria Driskill | Tameria S Driskill LLC | Gadsden, AL

Importing credit reports saves hours and makes it far less likely that you will miss a debt and need to amend later.

– Jared Mitnick | Daniel Mitnick & Assoc. | Alpharetta, GA

Extremely helpful in guaranteeing us accuracy of scheduling all known creditors.

– Lee Horner | Goldstein Legal Team | Tucson, AZ

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