Recorded June 15, 2022

Discover how to utilize CaseAssist and the Bankruptcy Course Manager to streamline data entry and stay on top of bankruptcy course requirements.

Learn about:

  • Stretto’s comprehensive suite of due-diligence products and services
  • Importing asset and creditor data directly into your schedules
  • Automated reminders to keep clients on track to complete their bankruptcy courses
  • Firm notifications that alert you of uncompleted courses and expiring certificates

Recorded February 28, 2018

Think Outside the Box – Learn about ways to increase your firm’s revenue with:

  • 722 Redemption Funding
  • Tax Discharge Determinator
  • Student Loan Analyzer
  • Credit Assurance

Learn how to update default preferences for bankruptcy data product orders.

Learn how to order and access multiple bankruptcy data products and services using CaseAssist.


The Tax Discharge Determinator tells you whether your clients’ tax debts are dischargeable. With this program, you can easily calculate the earliest date that you can discharge certain tax debts.

Benefits of Tax Discharge Determinator
•Help clients make informed decisions and avoid malpractice – Work with clients to decide whether to enter into an IRS repayment agreement or file without discharging their tax debts.
•New Revenue Source – Charge clients $100 to $500 for every tax year analyzed – and some attorneys charge as much as $5000 depending on what a client owes.

Discover the Secrets in Tax and Bankruptcy.

Learn how to:
• Address unpaid income taxes in bankruptcy
• Identify “secured” tax liens
• Recognize the three types of “tolling”
• Treat tax debts in a Chapter 13 case
• Make a profit by discharging your clients’ taxes
• Understand “McCoy” and it’s application by the IRS
Plus, learn the five simple steps to determine the dischargeabilty of tax debts!